Big Ideas Library – give your writing the book it deserves

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Big Ideas Library – give your writing the book it deserves


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It can seem daunting.

The book publishing landscape has been changing over the last 10 years – it is now easier than ever for authors to publish; however to publish well is the challenge.

Behind every book on the bookshelf or eBook thumbnail there has been a massive amount of work done between the author typing the last full stop and having a great book to sell.

That is why we have created the Big Ideas Library

We love books and have been involved with making great books, bestsellers and international projects since 1986. We’ve importantly been able to watch how the book market is changing and how it is getting more difficult to publish with a mainstream publisher.

We believe every author who has ever burned the midnight oil and sweated blood writing their books deserves to publish their writing as professionally as possible.

The Big Ideas Library is not a traditional publisher – we are a collection of publishing industry professionals who can give your writing the book it deserves.

Research has shown that authors who invest in editing and cover design on average have sales 34% higher than those who don’t. Even more worrying for the independent author, for those who try to do everything themselves earn 58% less than those who employ professional help.

We work with you to work out who would be best to make your book ready for your reader.

This week we have published the first book in the Big Ideas Library – How to Get Inside Someone’s Mind and Stay There: the business owner’s guide to content marketing and confident copywriting by author Jacky Fitt.

“I quickly discovered that having a knowledgeable publishing house supporting me would be worth its weight in gold. Having one that is also friendly, flexible, proactive and a wealth of resources for the independent author is priceless – that’s what the Big Ideas Library is.”

We already have more than five titles in production that will publish before the end of the year. Yours could be too…