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Give your writing the book it deserves

Book design and publishing services for independent authors

Ensuring your work will compete with the mainstream publishers. 

Whether you want to produce an ebook, a paperback or a leather hardbound bibliophile edition, we have the the expertise to deliver exactly what you're looking for. We can help and advise from a blank page to book design, editing, and manuscript evaluation, plus we offer proofreading, indexing, typesetting, print, production and market identification.

Independent authors who invest in professional editing and design sell up to 40% more than those who don't.

We welcome a diverse range of  independent authors, all with differing needs, whether you wish to publish through us at the Big Ideas Library (we supply ISBN registration, ebook platform and library submissions) or you wish to handle the publishing yourself.

The Big Ideas Library is a product of  The Big Ideas Creative Thinking Initiative,  July 2014.

Award-winning, 2014 marketing book, Now fully revised and updated for 2018 and published via Business Expert Press in the US.  

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Winner 2015 Small Business Book Awards Marketing

"An absolute gem."

"... full of intelligent insights and common sense advice."

"Unlocks the mystery of good marketing and communications."

2014 Garden Media Guild book of the year

Lawn Care


More about the author: | @reallawnexpert

"... a practical hands on guide written by an expert..."

"Great book. Very helpful for a novice/amateur gardener like me."

"Excellent, with a lot of new thinking."

The man who ran across the USA in 100 days

It's not about the beard


More about the author: | @dryingout

"... jam packed with love, sadness, adventure, comedy, fear and inspiration."

"This is a must read book."

"What an inspiring, honest, open book Tom has written about his battle through alcohol addiction and then turning his life around."

Most reviewed book

Diary Rooms Cover_aw

This book is the result of artist Derek Eland’s time as an official war artist in Afghanistan. 

He was embedded with the British Army In 2011 and set up a series of Big Brother style Diary Rooms on the front line.  He then asked soldiers, both British and Afghan to write down their immediate thoughts on postcards, which he collated in the Diary Rooms.


More about the author:

"... groundbreaking."
"Poignant and personal."
"Courage, determination and selflessness shine through..."

Biggest single print run

978095721772020,000 charity edition

Selected as a Book of the Year in the industry press, it is the inspiring contemporary story of young woman, Benedict, and her journey of self-discovery as she is asked by her uncle, a former Japanese prisoner-of-war, to scatter his ashes from the Bridge on the River Kwai in Thailand.

Currently in being made in to a feature film.


More about the author:

"Very moving, well-written novel."
"I really loved this book and couldn't put it down."
"Fantastic and timeless. An easy read but an emotionally engaging one. A real page turner."

Biggest Indie seller

600,000+ downloads
5 public print editions
PLUS corporate editions

A compelling case for why doing the right thing is not a function of good business, it is good business.



ISBN: 978-0-9552369-5-2

More about the author:

"... a gem to companies and individuals wishing to develop a moral compass."

"Roger's ethicability model provides a framework to transform difficult grey areas into a more simple, fundamental approach to making decisions we can be proud of."

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Pig Family Stories cover - book 1

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