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Fera Science – copy, print and exhibition case study

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Fera Science – copy, print and exhibition case study

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Centre for Chemical Stewardship and Safety

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Working with the Fera Science team at CCSS, we looked at a range of industry facing print material to pull out key benefits for clients and combine these with eye catching imagery.  Beginning with creating a compelling strapline to encapsulate what Fera and CCSS are all about we produced copy and design for a specific sales campaign and through efficient use of content adjustment and print buying, some materials could also then be used in a more general way, including at the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) international conference 2015. "We really appreciated your expertise and help... I do hope to work with you and Ned again at some point in the future." Dr Amanda Reynolds, CCSS

Multi-channel marketing - exhibition stands and promotional ideas

feraTweetSETACIn a quick turn around time we also used our event and stage design expertise to create a bespoke stand for CCSS at the SETAC exhibition. Using the current  'curved pop-up' stand we created a three dimensional flora, foliage and insect theme with grass underfoot and bird song audio track, plus, QR coded fruitgiveaways that took visitors to a special webpage for exhibition goers. We provided the team with an instruction 'bible', so that they could set up the stand on arrival. "Apparently, it's by far the best one at the conference :)" Helen Pomfret, CCSS