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With the hype that surrounds the launch of any major new Apple products there also comes the customary negativity and carping about Apple in general and whinging about not being able to download software instantly etc etc.

Now I have to admit to have been working with Apple kit since around 1989 and have always have had a really positive experience and enjoyed the intuitive way that everything works. It just suits the way my head works and doesn't get in the way of the creative process.

So this week IOS7 the Apple mobile operating system was rolled out to the world. In design terms it is stunning. To create something that looks completely new with the familiarity that means you can work it straight away. The amazing achievement of instantly making the old IOS6 look feel instantly very dated with the new look feeling modern yet familiar is, I would guess, the result of tens of thousands of hours of design time and yet looks effortless. It is the overall shift which makes everything feel simpler that is testament to the quality of design thinking. The eye for detail is breathtaking - even down to the icon for the clock on the home screen actually showing the real time rather than just being a picture of a clock.

To use one of my favourite adages.

"Good design is obvious, great design is invisible"