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'Soft skills' is the term used to describe to the vital interpersonal abilities that support peoples' efforts to do a good job.

Skillogy International® is a unique company within the online soft skills training sector. Soft skills describes communication and leadership abilities, together with personal traits and habits that feed into every aspect of working collaboratively and effectively.  Today, it's widely understood that there is an alarming gap in many peoples' soft skills throughout organisations of all sizes around the world. And, it's a gap that can make the difference between surviving and really thriving.

Founded by Mike Bolam, through research and a wealth of experiential know-how, Skillogy Perform is a series of inter-related courses that feed into and build on each other to identify and improve people's soft skills. Supporting people to achieve higher, more sustained performance and creating lasting, powerful change for people and their organisations' bottom lines.

BIG's Jacky Fitt worked with Mike on the copy for a new website supporting Skillogy Perform®, which seeks to clearly define and convey the powerful and dynamic affect of the course and structure, as well as the story behind the brand.

Mike Bolam said of Jacky's work: "Jacky has a remarkable way with words and a creative mind. Combine this with the ability to rapidly understand a client’s needs and you have a highly effective resource to advise and guide your company towards success. That has been our experience of working with Jacky for the first time over recent months in preparation for the launch of our new website."

Essential to the new copy were pulling out key messages and USPs; the creation of a strapline; giving the copy impact to create immediate interest; refining the language for ease of speed reading online; clarifying complex ideas; telling the story of the brand and producing SEO copy for the metadata to support search engine indexing.

Working in collaboration with Mike's chosen web designer, Jacky also supported Mike with script editing on short videos and article research for the 'noticeboard' section of the website.

Website excerpt:

Profit from Performance

Powering sustainable growth and high performance

We help people identify their soft skill gaps and work with them to improve their abilities – giving them the confidence and tools, not just to do their job well, but do it better and better. Delivering outstanding personal and organisation-wide impact across:

  • Greater creativity and effective problem solving
  • Better information management and decision-making
  • Increased contribution, motivation and engagement
  • Improved self-efficiency and emotional stability
  • Superior work performance and productivity
  • Better development and greater retention of talent

Unique, researched, proven…

As Mike is based up in Northumberland, Jacky and Mike regularly chatted over Skype to debate and evolve the copy needed.

Mike again on working with Jacky: "...incisive, transparent and call a spade a spade. Supportive, honest, reliable and very professional. In other words, a pleasure to work with."

Visit the new website and find out about soft skills training, on Skillogy International's website.

Mike and Jacky are now looking at further ideas and strategy for content marketing - also known as extracting the wealth of knowledge in Mike's brain and gifting it to the world!