Health & Safety

Working from home offices and studios

We are experienced professional practitioners and have worked from our own offices and studios for many years, we do, however, recognise the need to ensure that our practices are safe.

We regularly review our working practices to ensure we are doing so safely and well, both for us and in order to deliver a high standard of work to our clients.

Our directors/employees are based in home offices and studios, delivering work to our clients face-to-face or via digital platforms.

In order to do this The Big Ideas Collective (BIG) has supplied employees with the appropriate and necessary equipment to carry out their work and regularly reviews arrangements every 3 months, as follows:

Display Screen Equipment (DSE): We recognise the physical and mental issues around working from home. We adhere to and review the current Health and Safety Executive standards for home workstations.

Online resources available: workstation checklist (PDF)- Portable Document Format We also set out below some simple steps taken to minimise discomfort and strain:

  • breaking up long spells of DSE work with rest breaks (at least 5 minutes every hour) or changes in activity
  • avoiding awkward, static postures by regularly changing position
  • getting up and moving or doing stretching exercises
  • avoiding eye fatigue by changing focus or blinking from time to time We keep under regular review the health and safety issues, regularly reviewing:
  • aches, pains or discomfort related to their DSE arrangements
  • adverse effects of working in isolation, on remote IT systems
  • working longer hours without adequate rest and recovery breaks

We encourage all those we sub-contract and who are working from home offices and studios on display screens to think about their own health and safety whilst at work.

All subcontractors are responsible for their own health and safety working practices and are required to have the appropriate professional and public liability insurance in place.

Equipment Purchase and Hire

Any electrical or office equipment purchased is only done in agreement with Directors and must adhere to current UK and European safety standards.

Reporting of accidents and health and safety issues

Any accident or work-related health and safety issue should be reported as soon as possible to one or other director for action and investigation, to ensure the circumstance doesn’t happen again.