How to BE in Business 

Build the mindset and marketing you need to become a happy entrepreneur with the confidence to create, adapt and succeed as a startup.

When it comes to starting your own business, there’s plenty to think about and, at times, plenty to make us anxious. How to Be in Business is not simply how to successfully market what you do, it’s also about your resilience and a great mindset. Giving you the tools to take advantage of opportunity and adapt. You’ll learn how to make good decisions, balance risk and reward and much more. This book will help you to build the business you want, whilst keeping balance in your life.

“… essential foundations from which to develop. The advice is timeless and applicable to business, career development and confidence building in arenas beyond the business world.”

Chris Hiscocks, Enterprise Manager Biorenewables Development Centre

What an amazing, truly authentic book for startups. The very practical sections along with space to reflect about the challenges of business are really helpful. Brilliant, I loved it as a very different approach from other books out there!”

Jackie Mathers PFHEA, Associate Pro Vice Chancellor CU Scarborough & CU Coventry, part of Coventry University Group

The essential self-help guide for startups

How to overcome our fear and unleash our creative potential.

Combining key marketing guides with downloadable resources, discover the answer to many common questions, while learning more about yourself and how to help your business stand out. Perfect for anyone thinking about, starting or already in business.

Exploring practical ways to nurture your business AND yourself, written by award-winning marketing author Jacky Fitt, How to Be in Business balances the key practical steps to help ensure success and navigate our fear of failure and the unknown, including:

  • Risk and Reward
  • How to be a Happy Entrepreneur
  • How to make good decisions
  • How to collaborate
  • How to approach search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • How to write memorable strapline
  • Why people share and how you can benefit
  • How to put AI to work, plus much more…

THE guide to nurture your startup AND yourself.

Available to buy now.

The Big Ideas Collective in collaboration with Micro Oiseau.

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