Lean and Green - 2023 treedom certificate

People and planet come first…

Unlike traditional agencies, we don’t sit in resource hungry bricks and mortar buildings.  We are an experienced team of marketing and publishing consultants working from our own studios within a BIG ‘virtual hub’. We work together in the most effective way to deliver what you need.

Flexible, proactive and curious, our ability to extend our reach to involve niche expert consultants is unlimited.

We collaborate and benefit from the best professional acumen and creativity to suit your brief and budget, whilst always looking for sustainable methods of print and production and innovative management of resources. All adding up to great ideas and campaigns for you at an appreciably lighter burden on the planet and your marketing budget.

Did you know our business cards are made from 100% recycled cotton, made from old t-shirts?

Award Winning:

  • 2015 Investors in the Environment Green Award
  • 2015 Jacky Fitt named Investors in the Environment ‘Overall Achiever’ for the Yorkshire and Humber region.
  • 2014 Investors in the Environment Silver Award
  • 2008 International Green Dot Award

We began planting our forest at the end of 2020 with Treedom, joining thousands of others in a bid to re establish important habitats around the world. Our small contribution covers four countries and, as well as a home for wildlife and an income for people, our 50 trees are removing 8.61 tonnes of CO2 as they grow.

Find out more about our green policies and credentials.

Doing good is good for business. 

‘Earth provides enough to satisfy everyman’s needs, but not everyman’s greed.’

Mahatma Gandhi


2015 Investors in the Environment Green Award winners

Green Award 2015


2016 – 19 Members/Chair of One Planet York

One Planet York - The Big Ideas Collective

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